An extra-curricular activity offered up to the college level, starting in what we crazy Yanks call the 9th grade. As the name implies, teams re-enact, if you will, trials, and attempt to present the most convincing argument. Oddly enough, though, the verdict is never given. Teams divide into "lawyers" and "witnesses." Witnesses memorize their depositions, hone their character acting abilities, and if they play an expert, they learn a working knowledge of that field. (For example, I had to explain what happens as part of emergency room procedure). Lawyers are paired with witnesses and develop BOTH a direct examination and a cross-examination for them. Why both? Because they don't know if they'll be playing as the defense or the prosecution, so they memorize and prepare for both events. It's a lot of fun, especially if you're a whiny prima donna like me. The Little Rock Central High team placed fifth in the nation in 2000. Booyaka!