Battery naming conventions

When you are travelling abroad, or need to order batteries on the net, you might have come across the fact that batteries might have different names in different countries.

I am not sure about where all the different standards come from, but as far as I know, the R-series are used in germany, the "mignon" series are used in france, whereas the rest of the world tends to use the A-series of classification.

Name     A     LR    R    E    AM   Dimensions*  voltage**

Special  AAAA  LR61                 42.5 x  8.3  ?
Micro    AAA   LR03  R03  E92  AM4  44.5 x 10.5  1.5V
Mignon   AA    LR6   R06  E91  AM3  50.0 x 14.5  1.5V
Baby     C     LR14  R14  E93  AM2  50.0 x 26.2  1.5V
Mono     D     LR20  R20  E95  AM1  61.5 x 34.2  1.5V
Lady     N     LR1        E90       30.2 x 11.7  ?

* Dimensions = length x diameter in millimetres

** The voltage in rechargables is usually around 1.2 - 1.3V

What the different types are used for:

  • AAA is most often used in remote controls, voice recorders and similar.
  • AA is the most common size, used in remote controls, CD players, digital cameras, small flashlights (mini maglite etc) and other appliances. These batteries are also known as "penlight" batteries
  • C is most often used in portable stereos, some flashlights etc
  • D is you classical flashlight battery, as used by most baton-shaped flashlights, such as maglite etc.