UHF was released on DVD in June 2002 by MGM which picked up the rights to the film after the original distributor, Orion, went bankrupt several years ago. Having become a cult classic, UHF's DVD release is loaded with deleted scenes (hosted by Weird Al himself), both trailers, production photos, a commentary by Weird Al and his manager/director, and much more. As for the film itself, it's available in both widescreen and full-frame versions. It's MSRP is $17.99, but chances are you can find it marked down to $9.99 as I did.

The commentary is most informative. Weird Al reveals the locations of all the movie's scenes, such as U62, and their addresses so that one could tour the UHF world. Other interesting tidbits include that the fish on the Wheel of Fish were, in fact, real fish as well as the title of the film for the foreign market was changed to The Vidiot From UHF. Also watch for cameos on the commentary track by Emo Phillips, Michael Richards, and Victoria Jackson.

UHF on DVD: Be There!