Rush is Mega Man's red robotic dog in the Mega Man universe. Another of Dr. Light's creations, Rush's primary purpose is to assist Mega Man in his missions to stop the evil Dr. Wily. He doesn't go on the offensive directly, however. Instead when he is needed he teleports into the level and transforms himself into a variety of different forms that can offer assistance with the aid of a series of adaptors created by Dr. Light. Early games awarded these adaptors after Mega Man defeated a certain Robot Master, but later games featured these adaptors hidden in stages and/or being purchasable from Dr. Light's lab. All of these adaptors are powered by conventional weapon energy and must be recharged between uses. When Rush's power meter reaches zero, he teleports away and drops Mega Man to the ground. He first appeared in Mega Man 3 and has been helping stop evil ever since. In Mega Man 7 he gained an evil counterpart: Treble, robotic dog of Bass.

Rush Adaptor List1
Sorted by game

  • Mega Man 3
    • Rush Coil - Mega Man can jump on top of Rush, causing a coil to launch the blue bomber into the air. Unless otherwise stated, other Rush Coils function in this manner.
    • Rush Marine - An underwater transport vehicle. Can only be summoned in water areas, although once Mega Man is aboard the vehicle can leap from the water.
    • Rush Jet - A jet sled that Mega Man can pilot around hazards. The jet can also hover in mid air.
  • Mega Man 4
    • Rush Coil
    • Rush Marine
    • Rush Jet - Works as in the previous game, except this time it can no longer hover or go in reverse. Once activated the jet will move forward until it hits a barrier or runs out of energy. Unless otherwise stated, other Rush Jets function in this manner.
  • Mega Man 5
    • Rush Coil - Works differently from previous games. Now when Mega Man jumps on Rush, the dog himself jumps and then Mega Man must jump off of him.
    • Rush Jet
  • Mega Man 6
    • Rush Jet - Works differently from previous games. This time Rush combines with Mega Man to function as a jet pack.
    • Rush Power - Rush combines with Mega Man to give the blue bomber the ability to punch enemies with a shooting fist weapon.
  • Mega Man 7
    • Rush Jet - Functions as it did in Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5.
    • Rush Search - Allows Rush to dig for buried treasure. Note that Rush will retreat if he is struck by an enemy while digging.
    • Rush Super Adaptor - Combines the Rush Jet and Rush Power adaptors from Mega Man 6 into one unit.
  • Mega Man 8 (In this game Rush can only be summoned once per stage/life for each adaptor)
    • Rush Cycle - Rush becomes a hoverbike, allowing Mega Man to drive through stages without taking damage.
    • Rush Charger - Rush teleports in, drops off a power-up, and leaves.
    • Rush Bomber - Rush will fly above you and drop bombs on enemies.
    • Rush Health - Functions like the Rush Bomber, but instead the robot dog will drop energy pellets.
    • Rush Jet - This form cannot be summoned. Instead there are several shooter levels in which Mega Man must ride the Rush Jet while shooting enemies.
  • Rockman and Forte / Mega Man and Bass
    • Rush Search
  • Mega Man II 2
    • Rush Coil
    • Rush Marine
    • Rush Jet
  • Mega Man III
    • Rush Coil
    • Rush Jet
  • Mega Man IV
    • Rush Coil
    • Rush Jet
  • Mega Man V
    • Rush Coil
    • Rush Jet
    • Rush Spaceship - Functions like the Rush Marine, except it is used to fly through space.
  • Mega Man Battle and Chase
    • Rush Roadster - Rush becomes a go-kart for Mega Man to drive while racing.
  • Mega Man (Game Gear version)
    • Rush Coil

1This list ignores ports of games to other systems, such as Mega Man: The Wily Wars and Rockman Complete Works
2 Roman numerals indicate Mega Man games for the Game Boy.