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I am an adverage ordinary person... please do not waste your valuable time reading this

The amazing

almost magnificent Scyth of God

Hobbys include, but are not limited to

  • eating
  • sleeping
  • reading
  • watching television

Now as anyone can see these almost unique pursuits uniquely qualify me to dispense knowledge and gain the respect and love of YOU the everything2 user.

Whenever one of my writeups could use revision... please inform me, as after all the service I am providing is for your benefit. Because believe me if i see fault in your work, I will make it my goal in life to make you change it.

On a similar note, please remember not to TOUCH MY STUFF okay cause sometimes i can get a little twitchy and with the prevalence of violence around today its not a good idea to annoy mentally instable people

Anyone wishing to contact me would probobly benefit more from some gentle psychiatric care, in a room decorated with some tasteful padding however i do have an email adress.