In 1893 Western Australia experienced a truly exciting time which has never been repeated. It began with a rather small Irishman called Paddy Hannan.

Paddy was a gold prospector and in that year he was searching around the town of Coolgardie. One day, Paddy struck it lucky when he found the fabled Mother Lode. He had discovered a reef of gold ore so large and so rich that the area became called the Golden Mile.

Thousands of men flocked in to seek their fortune. on the gold fileds a town sprang up called Kalgoorlie which catered to the needs of the miners.

Today, the boom times have gone but Kalgoorlie remains. 33,000 people still find a living there, some still in the gold mines, and the town is the largest for many miles around. It is a typical outback town with broad streets, covered pavements and the distinctive architecture found in such towns.

Paddy Hannan is still remembered in Kalgoorlie. There is a statue of him and a street and a local beer named in his honour.