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What is there to say? This may have been written yesterday, a year ago, or this morning. It may all be an elaborate lie, some glistening facet of my master plan to tell the greatest story in all of existence. Hey, I don't invent it, I just tell it like it is. Because that's what life is for, you know? Without Beauty and Truth, without knowledge and curiosity and stories to fill our imagination and spark the creation of new stories, we're just... naked apes. And hey, I came to this site in a bout of depression, researching the Uberman polyphasic sleep method in the hope that it might change my pathetic high-school life somehow. (We'll see about that--however that goes, it'll sure as hell be a trip.) And what do you know, I'm giving myself advice... or am I? I don't even know what I'm saying.

Yeah, so, anyway, about life, the Universe, and, like, everything. We're specks of dust on a speck of dust, on a speck of dust, and all we are is dust in the wind...

So let it be a real breeze, you know? A 225-mph mondo fuckin' hurricane.

Hell, that may not even make it worthwile. Maybe there's nothing that can make it worthwhile. There are people who say that helping someone else can make a person's life worth living (like Emiliy Dickinson. Interesting person.) -- bullshit -- because that other person is just as insignificant as yourself. It's not "where do we come from" that matters. Look, there was never a little old man in a Zeus beard sitting up on a cloud in "heaven" (or in layman's terms, the stratosphere). It's okay. Come cry on my shoulder for a while, and I'll steal your wallet while I tell you how to entertain yourself before you gutter out into oblivion. What matters is (to paraphrase Mewtwo in the first Pokemon movie) the choices we make. Is there anything that can lend life meaning?

Love is for the movies. It's a very delicate, high-maintenence form of friendship with an upgrade for masturbation as the prize. But then, I really shouldn't be getting into this now. Why did I bring that up, anyway?

...Oh yeah. Right. Okay, I digress. I guess I didn't actually say much about myself, did I? Heh. Too bad.


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