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Updating the darn writeup yet yet again, as I've been on E2 a lot recently. I've even been using it to answer questions of mine...wait, does that mean that Everything2 is useful?

How I make my money:
I do information systems work at The University of Michigan in senic Ann Arbor. I also sell used cars. No, I don't work for Smilin' Ryan's Used Car Lot. There's also ebay. Someone always wants whatever you have on ebay, be it Thinkpad 701 lcd screens or a Momo steering wheel from an old BMW.

I used to list computers as a hobby, but they seem to be more of a way of life now. That seems to take some of the fun out of them. Like working on electronics. That used to be my favorite thing to do, but then I enrolled in the engineering program at the University of Michigan. That killed the love. I've started to get back into electronics, as I am now trying do to Information Systems as a major. I'm going to graduate in May, so that means time to look for a real job and think about an MBA. I still like to play with cars, even though I sell cars, cause I don't sell them to make money, only to make room for more cars. People don't understand that; they say "If this car is so nice, why are you selling it?" usually while they pick their nose or something equally unattractive. They just don't get it. It's the fixing of the cars which is fun. Turning a piece of steel that has sat for years into a living, breathing, machine of death is the best part. I've been resurrecting a 1986 BMW 325e lately. It's my daily driver, so I have a vested intrest in keeping it in good working order. It's amazing how much faster you get things fixed when you have to.
Hmm, got a bit offtopic there. What else do I do? Oh yea, I hug my girlfriend. She's nice and soft. I love her a lot. Kisses, hon! Uh oh, I gave cars more space then her. That could be a problem. I better put "Kisses, hon!" again. Kisses, hon! We have a kitten, too. His name is Morimoto. Yes, like the Iron Chef. When we got him, he was 1.5 lbs of gray and white fuzz that looked a lot like Morimoto the Iron Chef. So that's where his name came from. I've actually been dating my girlfriend for almost two years now. It's the longest I've ever been in a relationship, and I do love her very much. I'd give her her own node, but then she'd kill me (heh).

I used to say that I liked Everything before the voting and other stuff, but I guess you have to sort information somehow. I've seen fewer assholes and more people adding or modifying information constructively. This is a good thing.
In any case, I'm going back outside.

Oh yea, you can email me at


PS: Jet Poop, I /am/ wearing pants!
PPS: Apparently I'm an Everything old timer. But I'm barely 23!