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I smirk when I'm lying but smile when I am honest.
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I am a person.

I have written before, but it seems like I have never communicated effectively. Ever. I write music and lyrics, but don't let anyone hear most of the time because it doesn't convey anything. I always read articles and stories on here, but never really wanted to add to the noise.

I am the vocalist for a local band, the songs I have written are here, mostly just so I will stop losing them because of my computer (which has just been decomissioned), partly so other people can criticise them. I love criticism and accept it in its cruelest forms because as a musical artist in this age, criticism is the only form of discipline.

I am learning communication by deduction and research; right now I am specifying in effective argumentation, and I hope it will lead me into being a better writer someday. Until then... that's it.