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So this is yet another thing I didn't need to add to a life already cluttered with far too much writing, but I must say that ever since the age of 10 I've been writing this or that and I haven't really stopped since.

I was born in 1976 in the United Kingdom, in the hospital right across the street from Sherwood Forest- I still think that's totally awesome. I'm very happy that I am a fully blooded Brit. My Dad (retired now) was a Minister in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, my Mum (now a full on Doctor) was a Midwife during my formative years in the U.K I eventually discovered I had an older brother and soon enough a younger sister. In case you were wondering being a pastors kid can be difficult, but I'm very glad for my upbringing.

Not long after we moved to the U.S., Califonia to be precise. We had to travel to the hills in the winter to find snow...that was just weird. 

I was Born Again in 1987, I realized that my legalistc upbringing was not going to save me and devoted my life to God.

From December of 1988 to Summer of 1991 we lived in Northern Ireland- it was a fantastic time and I will laways cherish the memories of those years.

In 1994 I began my first extensive writing project- a novel manuscript that became a screenplay- in 1999 I finished that project. (There a story within that story).

Since then I have done a huge number of writing projects from church/school plays, scripts, radio plays, short stories, and manuscripts- not to mention poetry and song lyrics.

I'm also highly active in a few local churches and church groups and write blogs and record videos about Christian Apologetics and sharing your faith without fear, I also continually stand against my legalistic upbringing urging folks to stop working for salvation and accept God's Grace.

I also write and upkeep three blogs:

Christian Blog

Blog for Former Adventists/Concerned Christians

Secular Blog

Totally not busy.