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Eno is a strong start, but listen 100 times to hear the weave of the sonic fabrics he creates. Don't trust him, don't trust anything or anyone before you think about it. Even Eno has made stupid, glib statements like his over-valorization of Africa. H.e can dig with an ornamental wooden stick if he wants to, but I'll move earth with a bulldozer. Western culture has a lot going for it, too.

Too many of us have stopped discriminating quality packaging from quality content. This is most vital in th.e world of ideas. A particularly sad reality is the way most people want to know what "celebrities" think about significant issues of our time. Who cares! We need to remember that these people get paid to pretend - they are definitely not idealogue.s. I want to know what YOU think?

YOU matter, EVERY individual still matters, much more than the machines of modern culture want you to believe. The hypnosis is wearing off, however, an I won't miss TV a bit!