I read Pis definition of lust and had to chuckle. Us older folks do not thought-police ourselves into thinking that lust was something that was not too important. That sexual tension/animal magnetism that develops between two individuals still happens, even to an old fart like me. There are three women I've met that I have felt that old powerful lusting sensation spring forth. One is an actress, Milla Jovovich, whom I've met twice and chatted with. I'm not someone she'd be interested in for a relationship or just sexual activity (even though she eventually temporarily married a guy older than even me), but I'd have a hard time saying no to her. The second woman is one of my friends from my distant past who worked with me in the Navy. The third woman is my wife, whom I still lust after.

The big difference with us older folks is that we're usually attached at this point in our lives, and we may have feelings of lust, but we're usually wiser and don't act on those feelings. If we do, it usually ends in divorce or some damaged relationships. As George Carlin said, you can really Wanna, but following through is normally not worth it. The fantasy is usually better, and it can spice up your relationship. I have two autographed pics of Milla in my computer room and three extremely large posters of her in the music room, but the woman I spend my nights with can make Milla disappear from my thoughts at will. Lust with benefits out-trumps mere lustful fantasy anyday in my book.