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To be more like Jesus.
Acme University
Walk the earth unashamed and in truth. Do not seek to attain anything but a pure heart, Gods approval and a storybook of joviality, lightness, and rich, sweet love. Wear many roads, stir many fields and teach the others where to run.
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There's nothing to say about everything. What was my life? What is my life? It was lunch boxes, crayons and teddy bears. Then it was heartache. Somewhere in between I fell in love with Jesus and Beethoven and a young man who turned my body into a cage.I have a family. I have parents. When I think of my father I can't decide whether to cry or to be angry, and I still can't let go of my mother as "the solid figure" who gave me baths and helped me with science projects. How can my parents be just voices on the phone? Somehow I thought my adult life would be all sunlight and rose petals.