The X-files

Episode: 1X11
First aired:12/17/93
Written by:Chris Carter
Directed by:Larry Shaw

Mulder's old girlfriend, Phoebe Green, asks Mulder and Scully for help in protecting a British lord, Sir Malcolm, after several members of Parliament were killed by fire.

Mulder admits his fear of fire but thinks about the case and decides the assassin may be a pyrokinetic -- someone who can control and conduct fire.

The assassin kills the Sir Malcolm's estate caretaker, proceeds to burn down a bar (after igniting his own arm) and takes the place of the family chauffeur and drives them to a dinner.

Scully investigates the killer while Mulder and Green begin to "rekindle their romance." They are interrupted by Scully at the dinner who realizes that the floor where the family's children are staying is on fire. The killer saves the children therefore earning the family's trust.

Scully learns that the killer, Cecil L'ively, worked for the previous two victims and gets conformation from the bar owner.
Mulder, Scully, and Green go to the house finding it on fire. Mulder saves the children while Scully confronts the killer, who explodes is flames and collapses.

In an overvoice, Scully tells us that L'ively should recover from his burns in a month and the authorities are unsure on how to prosecute him.

This is the episode with the famous black boxers.

Important Quotes:
Mulder takes a tape out of its case and looks at it
Scully -- " What do you think it is?"
Mulder -- "Ten-to-one, you can't dance to it."

Mulder --" There's something else I haven't told you about myself, Scully. I hate fire. Hate it. Scared to death of it."

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