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Qi Note
Every concert is a shamanic journey–a tightrope walk between Control and Abandon
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The Fish Robbers
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Greetings. I am a musician, composer, writer and martial artist. I signed up to contribute to this site because I discovered some remarkable and inspiring work here.

My non-fiction titles:
The Blog That Ate Brooklyn: Inside the Mind of a Musician (available in print, e-book and audiobook formats.)
For The Curious (available in print and e-book formats)
Death in the Tetons: Eddie "Cola" Fitzgerald's Last 24 Hours (under the pen name Susan Tatarsky)

My fiction titles:
• I Was a Jazz Musician for the FBI (illustrated by Julie Burton)

I'm a regular contributor to:
• Allegro
• The Note

My music instruction books:
Practice Like the Pros
Step One: Play Clarinet
Step One: Play Alto Sax
Step One: Play Tenor Sax