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Pyrocatch, derived from pyrocatechol. From my obsession with photographic darkroom work. I also considered pyrogallol, but I figured Pyrocatch would be catchier (pun possibly intended) and, more importantly, easier to spell.

Sometimes, I wonder. Then I begin to think, to analyze in minute detail. Then I begin to understand. Meanwhile, everyone is getting pissed that I'm wasting time when I should be doing. What they don't seem to understand is that by understanding, I am enabled to do. While they pull components from circuit boards and replace them until the thing works, repair job after repair job after repair job, I take time to understand the function, the how and why rather than just the what. Then, when I test a circuit card, I can look at the schematic, jab my finger at the symbol of the offending component, and say definitively, that THIS! This is the problem! And when THIS broke, it broke THESE as well! I make the indicated repairs and the device works again.

I will get exactly one repair job involving that particular circuit card.

Then I will get another, entirely different circuit card in the next job, and repeat the process. This will continue indefinitely. As a result, I am inefficient.

But I understand, and I may be a fool, but I believe that's what's important.