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Never whistle while you're pissing.
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G'day, oh honored visitor of my Home Node!

What can I tell ya about myself? Not too damned much, what with this whole "don't blow your own horn" thing goin' on lately. I could tell you what music I like, but how do I know that you're&.not one of those wankers who listens to only top-40 stations, so I really wouldn't want you to know anyway..

Hrm.. what movies... forget it. You wouldn't know any of them anyway.. well.. except for the Kevin Smith group... seems like ev.ery damned little bastard with a goatee and nose ring has seen all of them, and on top of that has to act like they discovered Kevin, and it wasn't Mike Pierson or anything...

Anyway, i'm gonna get the hell out of here, 'cause all is doing is pissing me off more, and i'm sure you hate me by now, so this is the best for both of us.