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Jenn is a cynical, narcissistic, erratic,pessimistic,antagonizing,intriguing, eccentric bi-polar 23 year old grrl with issues. I lack a strong vocabulary and cant spell worth a damn, but I speak very well.

I'm into Punk rock, photography, rottweillers, muscle cars, graphic design, writing,irish and scottish cultures, and computers. I have strong opinions. I am very straight-foward, and brutally honest. I don't care who you are, or what kind of power you have, I'm not afraid to tell you what I think. Im stubborn. I hate humans but I love people. I think way to much and way to deep. I'm in love with my geek-boy Dole (meltdown369).

A note to the E2 guys, if you're the one who gave me a - on a node I posted, can you give me a /msg letting me know what about it you didn't like. I am new to E2 and I'm still learning. I'm open to all suggestions on how to improve my writing here.