One of the great advantages of flying first or business class is the generous leg room available. Leg room is even more important on long haul flights, if you're of above average height or susceptible to DVT. Leg room, or "seat pitch" as it's known in the airline business, is the distance between the seats on an aircraft; as seat pitch decreases, the number of seats onboard increases along with profit. As a result, leg room is often at a premium, especially in economy class.

So how do you get a first class seat in economy class? Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Arrive at check-in early.
  2. Greet the attendant and smile.
  3. Politely ask for a seat behind a bulkhead or on an emergency exit row.
Seats on emergency exit rows always have a large seat pitch in order to allow people easier access to the overwing exits. Seats behind bulkheads are usually two to three feet away from the bulkhead wall to give people seated by the window easier access to the aisle. You'll only find bulkheads in larger aircraft on long haul routes.

You won't get the champagne or the lavish meal, but at least you'll be comfortable!

We hope you have a pleasant flight.