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Gee, perhaps it is time to put something here?
something about me perhaps?
something insightfull?

ok, enough questions here are some answerers:
I stumbled onto E2 quite a while ago now, and for the longest time I just lurked, then I got myself this slick user name, and lurked some more. But I'm on a mission now, now that I have found out that you can get your picture in here if you work hard enough I'm all geared up.
Ok, perhaps there is more too it than that. I'm trying to fill in some gaps and provide some new factual nodegel. To improve the database and still have fun doing it.

A few words about my writing style, or lack of as the case may be: I can't spell to save my life. no honestly, I can't and although I try and run everything I do through a spellchecker, I still miss a few. /msg me and I will gladly fix it, I promise not to bite your head off. Oh yeah, one other thing, I tend to write like I speak, which means my grammar suffers at the hands of my voice. I have a bad tendency to rant, rail and especially run-on, all the english teachers in the crowd know the type. And I guess this is an apology in advance over the grammatical crimes I am bound to commit.

In my regular every day life I am a Comp-Sci student at the university of waterloo, but I think that does very little in the way of describing me.
I'm 6'3" tall before I put my shoes on and I throw intense little parties.

and I'm out of clever things to say. for now...