Mutants! was a game written in ANSI C for the MajorBBS. The game was developed by a Canadian Company called MajorSoft.

Rumour has it a dispute between the owners of MajorSoft led to the formation of a new company called Majorware. At one time, both companies were selling the game, with each company trying to undermine each other with a price war. Ultimately, Majorware survived by releasing a newer version of Mutants!. It appears that Majorware somehow retained the source code. The game listed for 389.00 USD and was running on over 500 MajorBBS systems at one time.

Another product by the same companies, called MutantLink was created to allow the various BBS operators to link their high scores. The link was flawed and cheating competitions was the catalyst for many flame wars on the Majornet forums.

Mutants was a text MUD where you, the player, could control 5 different classes. A Barbarian, Warrior, Thief, Wizard and Cleric were among the classes. The object of the game was a macro hack and slash where you would defeat various monsters by using weapons found through-out the game. You could time travel to other levels and finally duel the ultimate of monsters, Satan-1.

The game also featured a quasi semi-flawed economy where stores could be established to sell goods and trade gold. The players used IONS to live and could convert their items to IONS when running low. IONS were also used to cast spells and other special characteristics of the player. The game Mutants! spawned competitors to create MUDS of their own. One such MUD called MajorMud was just that.

Mutants! had a reputation of crashing the BBS on a regular basis. But it was indeed a fun game and touched the lives of over 20,000 players worldwide. Not much is heard about this game anymore. Maybe one day a Mutants! shrine will emerge.