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*My little toe on my left foot, always there for me.*
*If I said I was good at everything, would you believe me? No? Ok then, writing, drawing, acting and dancing.*
*Lala lala lala, whatever happened to just singing for no reason?*
*I'm not fussy, as long as I get what I want.*
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*Pirate Jo*

A why hello there, I am Pirate Jo, here is a hopefully brief explanation of me.

Well, I cannot give you an accurate age for myself, as it seems to change as the years go on. I have many obsessions, so try to keep up; Pirates, ahoy! Umbrellas, Rain, storms, and clouds for some reason,The Avengers, Placebo, Crowns, my books, and top hats. I shall talk you through them all.


I have a strange obsession with pirates, I love my own personalised pirate fashion, anchors, and the whole adventure and excitment of it. I have a book called "The Seven Seas," which is a about a young girl swept away by pirates, but you can learn more about that later.

*Umbrellas and Clouds*

Well, stormy is my favorite kind of weather, and I love to draw clouds, and umbrellas. When I am older I want to have a black cat called Stormycloud, who will have a bright red collar, with a huge bow at the back, and two little bells at the front.

*The Avengers*

The Avengers was an action mystery show on a few decades a go. I only truly love the episodes with the inspirational Emma Peal, (M apeal, as in man appeal,) played by Dainna Rigg. And the ever swarve, John Steed, played by Patrick Mcnee. Not alot of people from my generation have heard of the avengers, but I love it. Dianna rigg plays a sexy, intelligent, witty and able fighter Emma Peal. She was a cross between wonder woman and Cat Woman. Patrick Mcnee plays swarve, debonaire and mature detective and also able fighter, John Steed. Able to woo the ladies and fight the baddies, John was a cross between James Bond and inspecter Morse. This dream team went on many adventures together, they went to a mystery murder dinner party, got shrunk to the size of a thumb, and met many dastadly masterminds, in Emma Peal's words. Yes the avengers is one of the best T.V programmes ever.


Placebo are one of my favorite ever bands, I love lead singer Brian Molko, and I love the music. My favorite song is English Summer Rain, but I also love Nancy Boy, Pure Morning, Special K, The Bitter End, Every Me and Every You and Without You I'm Nothing, featuring David Bowie. Their greatest hits album "Once More With Feeling" is a triumph.


I don't know, I just love crowns, and drawing little crowns on question marks, makes the time go by I guess.

*My Books*

I love to write, Iam currently writing three books, here's a quick preview of them all.

Faerie Tale

Eada and Ochre are the King and Queen faes of the enchanted woods, but they have a daughter, Rain, who is cursed. But when Rain grows up she meets Leo and they have 3 baby fae. All is well until Veil the evil fae steals the three baby fae triplets. How will Rain and Leo get them back, I'll tell you. The only person who can help is Jasmine, Jasmine is a girl who lives in the enchanted forest with her mother, Elva. Both Elva and Jasmine are half elf, but only Jasmine can help the fae save the triplets.


Midnight, Ivey and Willow are three best friends all 18. They live in a gypsy caravan where they move from place to place. Midnight does not know it yet, but she is a white witch. Her powers are only realised when she discovers the bracelet of truth, when she puts it on her powers can be released. But with these powers comes great danger.

The Seven seas

Phoenix is a fairly ordinary girl of thirteen, her classmates have always thought her a bit odd, and they are proved correct when Phoenix starts to dream about pirates. One day she is swept away by kidnapping pirates to another realm, a realm of pirates, ships, anchors and of course the seven seas. One for every season, and one for faith, love and strength. But when the pirates take a shine to Phoenix, she follows them on their adventure to find the buried treasure, which in it also has the key to Phoenix's home realm. But to get to the treasure, Phoenix and the pirates must sail across the seven seas.

*Top Hats*

Oh the top hat, such a wonderous thing, if only one day everbody could see how quintersentually brilliant our very own top hat is, then the world would be a better place.

Well there you go, that's me, I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this. (Though I can be sarcastic at times.)

Truly fabulous wishes, *Pirate Jo*