Lilith is, in Jewish mystic tradition, a female demon and the bride of Sammael (who was merged with others in angelic tradition to become Satan). According to legend, she predated Eve, and was Adam's first wife. Some sources have it that she bore Adam one hundred children each day, until the creation of Eve, when she left for the cities of the coast where she is to this day trying to ensnare mankind. Lilith is commonly assumed to be the creation of rabbis in the Middle Ages, but is actually drawn from ardat lili, evil female spirits of Mesopotamian demonology. In Kabalic tradition, demons are mortal, but not so Lilith, who will plague men until the end of the earth. Lilith goes by a score of names when walking on Earth, and was forced by the prophet Elijah to reveal seventeen of her names: Abeko, Abito, Amizo, Batna, Eilo, Ita, Izorpo, Kali, Kea, Kokos, Lilith, Odam, Partasah, Patrota, Podo, Satrina, and Talto.