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Hi! Thanks for listening. Why do I even exist? I am a shield against the serial downvoters that exist on E2. They will eke out their entire existence spending their (usually 10) votes a day to downvote every node you have regardless of its value, simply because you offered criticism on one of their measly nodes.

Although sad, this type of person exists in significant numbers, enough so that over time, if you criticize nodes, even with good intentions, you will hit one.

Unlike landmines, where you know immediately that you have had a problem with something you did, it takes a few days to notice that your XP is dwindling by 10 or 20 a day, and looking down your list, all your previously +30/-0 nodes now have a -1. Not one -0 in the list until you get further down, and those disappear day by day.

Whether blind luck or something else, some of these cretins can even count past 50 and find their way to the older pages of writeups, where they continue to leech away the XP bit by bit. Now one SDV can only hurt you so much, but if you want to be outspoken on bad nodes as well as good in order to improve the nodegel, you can get hurt pretty bad!

XP loss = NSDV x Nwriteups

As you can see, if you have scores or hundreds of writeups, these imbeciles can really hurt you if you hit a few. So, here I am, and no you can't have my real identity.

If you are reading this because you came here to get my list of writeups and start downvoting me maliciously because of some perceived slight on my part, then you are a complete blathering idiot, and deserve every downvote you get! Get a life, seriously. Leave E2 now, because we don't want you here! You and your ilk are the spoilers of all that is good. You can't measure up to those around you, so you tear down others just to make yourself feel better. What a loser! Rail and fret all you want to, it won't change the fact that you are a steaming pile of abject mediocrity. Either improve yourself and learn to take criticism as an opportunity rather than an insult, or go back to browsing online porn and cursing pop-up windows.