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mission drive within everything
Mercilessly to suggest skeptical inquisition into extraordinary claims of non-scientific supernaturalism and myth-mongering
Loving my sisters and brothers and being a useful man.
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I work for the U.S. Department of Defense. Three months ago, I failed to see or hear the hostile object levelled at us until it was too late, and now I reckon that I zigged" when I should have zagged and forgot to duck. It was only a flesh wound, but it hit me in the head again. It is my second hostile concussion in one year. I definitely have to make it a practice to keep my head down in such situations. That is hard to do when you must see, react, and defend sister and brother colleagues in such an attack no matter what.

The DoD has put me on 100% disability with all benefits. But I am an energetic man, and during this interval of not doing anything much I am living in Cleveland tutoring GED classes in the local jails and penitentiaries. I am also doing volunteer work in Medical Records retrieval for the American Red Cross blood drive. I Must stay busy, right? I think so.

I recently found "" on the net, and am going to study what you're up to and why, and perhaps to participate in my own undoubtedly insignificant way.

I am an active member of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal "Skeptical Inquirer" CSICOP, as well as of the Council for Secular Humanism "Free Inquiry".