(all capitals) The name of a secret United States government organization created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir for The Destroyer series of novels.

In the 1960's, crime and anarchy were growing in the United States despite the best efforts of police. Therefore the President, usually described as "young" or "now dead" and understood to be JFK, recruited a few dependable, patriotic men to form an agency that would work in secret, outside the laws. Named CURE, ("a prescription, not an acronym") the agency was to uphold the ideals of the Constitution without being hampered by its Articles.

Dr. Harold W. Smith was chosen from the CIA to be the brains of CURE. From his cover as director of Folcroft Sanitarium in Rye, New York, he runs a vast network of information gatherers who either submit observations anonymously in return for cash or who already work for other government organizations and unknowingly report to CURE as well. Smith has also acquired a large computer system to help him harvest and digest information from around the world.

The "enforcement arm" of CURE is ex-cop Remo Williams, codenamed The Destroyer, who has been trained by Chiun, Master of Sinanju, to be the world's second-most deadly assassin. Originally, Chiun was hired to teach Remo just enough of Sinanju to serve CURE's needs, but when Remo showed amazing aptitude, Chiun managed to extend his contract.

Each new President is informed of CURE's existence soon after inauguration. Although the President cannot control the organization (to prevent political misuse), Smith occasionally accepts requests for action. Smith decides what threats are suitable for CURE's intervention and then sends Remo to take care of them. Inevitably, swift death descends on the evildoers. To maintain secrecy, anyone who learns of the organization becomes a target.

CURE was supposed to last only a few years, until chaos had been subdued, and then disband. However, due to unforeseen global changes (and the ever-increasing loyal fan base), its mission has continued for decades. Smith grows old at his desk and there has never been a plan for succession, so it is unclear how much longer CURE will continue.