The Palpz Update:

I finally finished my exams about a week and a half ago. I already have two of my marks in, so far I have a B and a C+ which, sadly, is better than the two best marks I got last semester.

UPDATE: All my marks are in. A in Thermodynamics (Which I failed last year), B in Numerical Methods for Engineers, B- in Mechanics of Materials, and a C+ in Fluid Mechanics. Huzzah!

I started work Monday of last week. My friend got me a job working at Totem Building Supply's Calgary area shipping yard. His father works here, and they needed someone for the summer.

The first week SUCKED.

My job is basically to clean stuff up, go out on deliveries once in a while, and help people out around the yard. However, for the first four days, all I did was sweep up gravel.

Talking with some of the guys, it seem that this is fairly common, that the first few days when someone new is hired be spent cleaning up all the gravel that has accumulated throughout the winter. I suppose maybe they figure that if you can stick around through that, that you'll stick around once it actually gets easier.

But yea gods was I sore. That and the fact that I was using muscles that I hadn't used in 1.5 years.

There was no more sweeping on Friday because there was no more gravel. Oh, and the fact it snowed a bit. There definitely wasn't any sweeping on Monday, because it snowed a LOT.

40 cm to be exact. I don't think I can remember a worse snow storm this winter. Certainly there wasn't one that I was outside in. I personally spent most of the day either clearing snow off the tops of piles of lumber, or helping people get their forklifts unstuck. Both were futile efforts, as half an hour later there was again too much snow on the lumber, and half an hour later the forklift was probably already stuck again.

Needless to say, traffic sucked. I think initial estimates were in the range of about 130 accidents that day. God I hate traffic.

So, I'm at the mall shopping for Mother's Day (she got a load of chocolate, don't tell her!) and pick up a few books at this used book sale for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Picked up a new copy of The Eye of the World, to replace the one I lost, Foundation, Dune, Neuromancer, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and Dark Force Rising, all for $10.50. However, this isn't the cool part. The cool part is that when I headed out to my car, I noticed that...

Someone had given me a Chick Tract!

Man, I love these things. I've been a fan of em ever since I ran across Space Moose's parody of Jack Chick's style a few years back. Honestly, it was funny, but not nearly as funny as the real thing unintentional as the humour may be.

So, yeah, someone had stuck a copy of This Was Your Life! into the crack between my back and front doors. This made my day. Up to this point, I had never actually seen a Chick Tract. They were just some mythical piece of propaganda that only Americans would be silly enough to think would work.

Of course, only idiotic fundamentalist Christians would actually think that these things would think that these rabid intolerant little cartoons would convert anyone with half a brain. Then again, that's probably not the point. I'm sure their target audience is those without half a brain.