Real Name: Elisabeth Braddock ("Betsy")
Operating Name: Psylocke; formerly Captain Britain, Lady Mandarin, or Kwannon
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Affiliations: STRIKE, Hellfire Club, Hand, New Mutants, X-Men (Blue Strike Force)
Home: Malden, England (born in)
Birth Date: April 23, 1956 (this may change if she appears in the Ultimate X-Men series; also, she was "reborn" a few times
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair Color: (At various times) Blond, Black, or Purple
Eye Color: (At various times) Blue or Brown
Occupation: (Besides being a superhero and saving the world, of course) Assassin, Model
First Appearance: (UK) Captain Britain #8, (US) New Mutants Annual #2
Mutant Powers: (At various times) Telepathy, telekinesis, transportation through shadows, and the ability to form a Psychic Knife with her psychic powers
Family: Father: Merlin of Otherworld, Brother: Brian Braddock (Captain Britain)
Costume/Form Information:
(Form/Costume - Comic Series Found In)
Captain Britain - Captain Britain (Most likely found in trade/paperback form)
Red-Pink Original - Uncanny X-Men
Armor - Uncanny X-Men
Blue Legless Costume with Psychic Knife (the "classic" costume) - Uncanny X-Men
Blue Lady Mandarin Armor - Uncanny X-Men
Astral Armor - Uncanny X-Men
X-Men Uniform - Uncanny X-Men
Updated Blue Legless Costume - X-Men
Crimson Dawn Shadow Astral - X-Men