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Sausage Factory
"I guess you gotta be Russo-Finnish..."
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Give me some time here; I've been off the sauce for about nine months, and I'm trying, not to just fall off the wagon, but to dismount with a double backflip and stick the landing. I don't know what that means.

I'm in the process of legally changing my name to Zanzibar Buck-buck McFate. Either that or Runaway Steve.


  • Read anything by briglass. He is the grapest of all tymes. He will turn your mind to jelly...but not in an off-putting way. Plus he was pseudofamous.
  • Read anything by ac_hyper. She wields knowledge like Uma wields Hanzo steel.
  • Read anything about transhumanism, so that you can feel better about the Singularity and its implications.
  • Start befriending your computer.
  • Stop eating meat.
  • Surrender to metahumor and comedic recursion.