Straight Pool is a very serious and competitive pool game. This is the pool game that is portrayed in many movies. It is generally played as a called shot game. It is scored in points, each player scores one point per ball pocketed; games run to 150 points. When all but one object ball on the table is pocketed, the balls are racked, without the foremost ball, and play continues.

The game begins with the object balls racked in a pyramid with the number one ball on the right corner, the number five ball on the left corner (view from the foot of the table), placed on the table so that the foremost ball is on the foot spot. Players may lag for the right to break.

A legal break must either drive at least two object balls to the cushions, or pocket a called shot. The failure to meet either of these conditions results in a 2 point penalty, and the opponent has the option of accepting the position or requiring another break.

A legally pocketed ball scores 1 point for the player and allows him/her to continue play. Each additionally pocketed ball on a legal shot scores an additional point.

When the penultimate ball of a rack is pocketed, the 14 pocketed balls are racked (with a space at the apex of the triangle on the foot spot), and play continues. If the last object ball would lie in the rack, it is placed at the apex of the triangle

If, on any shot, the cue ball or any object ball does not contact a rail, a foul is incurred, and a 1 point penalty assessed to the player who shot. If a player commits three sucessive fouls, he/she incurs an additional 15 point penalty.

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WickerNipple says: hey... according to the Standardized World Rules, 14 continuous is actually supposed to be called 14.1 Continuous