Like many of us, most of the coffee I drink, I drink at work. I don't enjoy it, I mean, I'm at work, right? But throughout the workday, my thought processes tend to rely upon which particular cup of coffee I happen to be drinking.

I peel my eyes open, as I peer into Cup Number One, just barely thinking, "It's too damn early for this shit". After choking it down, while my machine boots, I go for Cup Number Two, "What's my motivation?". A few minutes later, as I take in the sheer number of emails that require my attention, I go for Cup Number Three, "Just a little perk", with a splash of cream this time. By that time, my stomach rumbles and I buy a package of cheese-its from the vending machine to buffer against Cup Number Four, "I think I forgot my lunch, maybe if I drink more coffee, I won't have to waste money on food". After eating lunch, because that trick never works, Cup Number Five is "A little something to scare away the after-lunch drowzees". Cup Number Six is "Maybe I can get something accomplished this afternoon". And Cup Number Seven is "It was nice to at least get something done". The day winds down as I go take Cup Number Eight, "I think I'll go out and see people tonight".