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Even if I could hope to truly fit all of myself into this box, I still wouldn't try. There's something blashphemous about trying to ensare a person in words. No matter what I write here, someone out there will decide I am not worth their time because of something I wrote. They will proceed to ignore that I could well be their perfect soulmate but for that one topic.

Still, I feel a need to put something here, if for no other reason than I hate to leave a blank canvas. So now, the eternal question: Where are my pants? Well, maybe not in this case. In this case, I have to ponder what I should write that would communicate enough to draw you in, but not so much that I lack mysterium.

I suppose I could start with the basic factual biography: I'm a 19 year old sophomore at NJIT, currently a computer engineering majour looking to switch to either computer science or professional costuming ^_^ I'm about 5'6" with dark brown eyes and short black hair. Oh, that's it! I'll write why I cut my hair. That should give you the insight you're looking for, ne?

For most of my life I've had long hair. Long, thick, wavy black hair. When I was 12 it came down just above my waist. At this point in my life, I decided I was going to stop being a quaking wallflower, get out, and try some new things. Be daring and all that bit. So, to symbolise this, I cut my perpetually long hair to right underneath my ears. I believe my mother still has the braid. After that, I never cut my hair beyond the occasional split end trimming. Oddly enough, there are no pictures of me around that time period, so no one ever believed me when I said I had short hair. They asked me about my braid, and why I kept it so long. Jokingly, I would tell them I wanted to be like Duo Maxwell. But you've already guessed the real reason, haven't you? Yes. It's because I wouldn't cut it again until I made another majour change in my life. At some point I played Final Fantasy 9, and saw the lead female do the same thing. That scared me. But it also made me think I might actually look good with short hair, and I'm not the only person who uses their hair symbolically. (I also bear more than a passing resemblance to Dagger - see cosplay and ask me for a picture sometime.) Recently, there have been some very large changes in my life, and I've had to make new decisions about almost everything - in essence, completely re-work everything. So, one evening fairly recently, I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped off my hair, right up to my ears. And I was right - I do look good with short hair. It will grow out again now, and I won't touch it for a long time. I think the next time will be my wedding day.

So there you have it. The symbol of my hair. With no node links yet because it's 4:10 am and I need sleep. Goodnight.