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mission drive within everything
Desire for quality work.
Philosophical debate and Warcraft 3 GUI programming.
There never was, is, or will be a 'fair' game.
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I'm a philosophically-minded Warcraft 3 GUI programmer (not professionally). I believe the quality of work should be proportional to the difference between the time finished/released and time started.

My alter egos:

Crysis (If you find me, you can expect a good teammate or a pain in the @$$, depending on the team you're on.)- Orc

The Hive Workshop - Orc

MWLL (I want this Crysis mod so bad.) - Orc (Although, I'm not active at all on this site; I just signed up for updates on the project.)

Battle.Net - (I'm currently unable to go on BNet for a stupid Internet malfunction, and DoTA.)

Quizilla (You cannot imagine how much I regret going on this site.) - thethinkingchesspiece

That's all folks!