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Thought is not a management function.
-- John Ralston Saul The Unconscious Civilization
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"Marxism became the dreamlike answer to a real need in Western society, but any one of a handful of other dreams might have done just as well. Walt Disney, for example, riding in the front lines of mythology, converted America to a vision of itself in which the citizen is a viewer, the beliefs are cinematic assertions and the leaders are character actors. And that is more relevant to real life than an imaginary ideology or system--for example, Capitalism."
-----John Ralston Saul in Voltaire's Bastards

"Socrates was executed not for saying what things were or should be, but for seeking practical indications of where some reasonable approximation of truth might be. He was executed not for his megalomania or grandiose propositions or certitudes, but for stubbornly doubting the absolute truths of others."
----- John Ralston Saul The Unconscious Civilization