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I do bite, sometimes.






















































Facebook; after asking me out for a drink twice and leaving 2 other messages...


December 27 at 3:40pm

Christmas hols great Thanks but bit boring at home... wouldn't mind some entertainmet! It's sooo quiet here at home can't wait to get back to London. I met you at the uni bar and you told me to look you up on facebook! Drink'd be good soon. So what you up to over Christmas? With family? X


I replied...


December 29 at 11:57pm

OMG I am a total dickhead! Just looked through yourpics (v nice btw!) and realised you must be anothr Paul Auster (not my name obvi.) - you don't look like and def not the Paul I met- ooops. I should have checked b4 but was so excited to get a email from the Paul I thought that you were I didn't bother checking..I am sooo sorry- what a total loser I am! I am in London though so maybe one day I will give you a call! Sorry again- and hope to meet you soon one day, Carly xxx



She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft


The phrase "got the shaft" is often used when someone gets the bad end of a bargain. e.g. "I totally just got the shaft!"
The phrase originates from the 1962 song "She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)" written by Jerry Reed.

The song goes:
She got the goldmine (She got the goldmine)
I got the shaft (I got the shaft)
They split it right down the middle
And then they give her the better half
Well, it all sounds sorta funny
But it hurts too much to laugh
She got the goldmine, I got the shaft.

She's never gonna call me, and i'm not going to message her back. Its amazing though. I knew i had never met her.