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Am I not nifty? perhaps. Am I not wise? perhaps. But am I the shazbot? Yes!

If there is a problem with one of my WUs, /msg me. Downvotes don't help me to understand what's wrong. msgs do. and if you're wondering about the negative XP thing, I'll give you a hint: its not because of crap WUs(mostly)*.

I want to nuke Butterfinger McFlurry. I will donate 100 dollars to E2 if they let me personally nuke it, 50 if they nuke it. BTW, I have no objections to the toilet seat node.

An open question to E2: How bad are nodeshells? Can they be good? Can they be amusing? Can they be thought-provoking? And if they are none of these things...should there be a penalty and what? I think I might do a WU on this topic in the future, so I want your opinions by /msg now.

One more question: How exactly are curses and XP pack rape supposed to encourage earning of bullshit?