Faren is the name of one of the six gods in Meridian 59. Faren was secretly in love with Jala whom was murdered by Qor. Faren is also called Faren the Storm. Faren's temple is located in the Badlands, south of Barloque. The Temple is kept by Priestess Tenuv'vyal. Through Faren, players can learn spells to control nature:

Level I

  • Fog
  • Light
  • Mystic Touch
  • Sweep
  • Zap
Level II
  • Bramble Wall
  • Icy Fingers
  • Resist Cold
  • Touch of Flames
  • Withstand Fire
Level III
  • Heat
  • Mana Focus
  • Resist Shock
  • Shocking Fury
  • Spider Web
  • Winds
Level IV
  • Blast of Fire
  • Brittle
  • Explosive Frost
  • Fireball
  • Firewall
Level V
  • Earthquake
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Ring of Flames
  • Sand Storm
  • Shatter
Level VI
  • Lightning Wall
  • Spore Burst