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To wish I was half as cool as the people with 10,000 nodes to thier name. (Damn that webster is a nodin' fool)
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Everything worth doing is worth overdoing
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NEW!! hortiphilia

Everything is somewhat bizzare, almost completly useless, and a perfect example of how the Internet will change our lives, much the way gunpowder, Budweiser, pot, and airplane glue contributed to the collective. conciousness of the current generation

Funny: Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle, Vending Machines that Dispense Sushi

Sick: Good Old Fashioned Fucking, What to do if you've got too much semen on your hands

Informative.: Cool Node of the Day, Everything addiction stain, carbonation, Pepsi Generation

(I'm finally a C-Noder!!! D-Noder status, here I come!!! ).