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He's Frazzled most the time, and indecisive. He likes to staying up until 5, sleeping until 4. and missing class. He must constantly have something to drink, and something to read. He likes it when girls run their hands through his afro, but hates keeping it poofy. He gets agitated when people drop the N-bomb around him, he plays it off though.

He smokes roll up cigarettes, because they're cheap and because he thinks Vincent Vega looks cool rolling them, but mostly because they're cheap. He's gotten pretty good at rolling them though. He drinks on the weekends. He also smokes pot, but not as much as he did last year.

He went to New Orleans last summer, to do "mission work" as his Zambian Grandmother would say. He didn't mention to her that he was working with anarchist atheists. He really liked the city though, and hopes to go do more work there soon. He's got a big social justice bent just like his mother.

He's only a mediocre writer. Compared to most he's good, but he's still not anymore than mediocre. He hopes to improve that skill though, because he has a feeling he might end up needing to make a living with it. His grammar ain't to great, and run on sentences love him. It's to bad he's an enabler.