The Bhelliom is a small sapphire carved into the shape of a rose and is central to the plot in David Eddings' series' The Tamuli and The Elenium.

The Bhelliom created the earth-like planet on which the series' take place. Bhelliom is of "Blue" essence, but when it created the planet, it included too much Red dust, and so became trapped within the planet. To protect itself from the red dust (Iron) Bhelliom confined itself into the form of a sapphire deep within a mountain in what is now known as Thalesia.

The troll-dwarf Ghwerig discovered the Bhelliom and, using diamond tools, cut the sapphire from the earth and shaped it into the shape of a rose.

Taking up the Bhelliom with the intent of using it, Ghwerig discovered that it would not respond to his commands. He consulted his gods, who advised him to return to his workshop and fashion two rings out of the wasted shards of Bhelliom. During the time that Ghwerig was creating the rings, the Troll Gods were having problems and disagreements with the Gods of Styricum and so they taught Ghwerig a spell that confined the Troll Gods inside the Bhelliom, protecting them from the Styric Gods.

Once Ghwerig finished creating the two rings, the Styric Gods became very worried that it would soon occur to the troll-dwarf to use the Bhelliom against them, and so sent the nimble child-goddess Aphrael to steal the rings from Ghwerig.

Not long after she had done so, the Thalesian king, Aiden, travelled to Ghwerig's Cave, and beguiled the troll and then stole Bhelliom from him. Ghwerig was not having a very good century apparently. Aiden then mounted the jewel on the royal crown of Thalesia.

Some human generations later, the Zemoch war took place.
The current king of Thalesia, King Sarak, was lost somewhere between sailing to Thalesia and the major battle field. Bhelliom was lost.

On the battlefield however, the king of Elenia, Aldric and his champion Sir Sparhawk, (the first of the Sparhawk family) had been separated from the rest of their people and had, back to back, fought off many enemies, until only the dead lie around them. A styric lady approached the two men, and treated their wounds and injuries. She then gave each man a ring, and then bade him swap each other’s weapons. Sir Sparhawk gave his king his spear, and the king handed his sword to the knight.

The blood of the two mingled and stained the rings a dark red (with the aid of magic), giving them the appearance of dark rubies. The two rings stayed with the two families for 200 years after the Zemoch War, until the time of the books.

To find out what happened then, well... you'll just have to read the books, won't you.