Bif Naked is an exceptional artist - she does a little bit of everything. For those of you into cubbyholes, you could call her punk or maybe ska, depending on what song you listen to. I wouldn't. Her songs explore deep personal territory: some are heartwrenchingly sad (eg. Tell On You) while others drip with sensuality (Sophia, My Bike). She has a great voice, and the handwritten liner notes in her albums are delightful.

Sidebar: Bif Naked has appeared on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", playing at a house party at Buffy's university. Obviously, I've been going to the wrong kinds of parties!

Her self-titled debut album was released by Aquarius Records in 1996.

Track List:
Everything (heh!)
Make Like a Tree
Daddy's Getting Married
Tell On You
Never Alone
Over You
My Whole Life
The Letter
My Bike
The Gross, Gross Man

(see also I, Bificus)