This is a recipe that I just tried for jambalaya that turned out surprisingly well. The basic method of preparation was learned during my hiatus at a restaraunt called Ragin' Shrimp, but I changed the ingredients.


1 lb. kielbasa

3/4 lb. (Now this is important) Chuck Wagon(TM) brand bacon.

(Trust me: They call it bacon, but it's completely different.)

2 large bell peppers

2 white onions

16 oz. tomato paste

12 oz. stewed sliced tomatos

4 cups instant rice

4 cups water

(To taste)

Olive oil




Cayenne Pepper

Ground Habanero

White pepper

Bay leaves

And anything else you happen to feel like throwing in. What can I say? I'm flexible. (Not like that, you sicko!)

Dice the peppers and the onions, and cross-slice the "bacon" into pieces. Sprinkle the peppers and onions with olive oil, and saute over medium-low heat with the diced bacon. When the onions are transcluscent, add the tomato paste, stewed tomatoes, water, and spices. Bring to a boil. Add the rice and kielbasa. Return to a boil. Boil for a couple of minutes, then remove from heat and cover. Let the pot sit until the rice is cooked.



Refrain from swimming for at least 1 hour after eating.

Never drink and drive.

You can always trust your government, and the policeman is your friend.

This recipe brought to you by the Ghetto Gourmet!

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