This is me, begging to differ.

There is no consumption of information in Everything. Only allocation. It is not processed, it does not undergo any kind of chemical/physical changes at all. Information is presented to everything, everything in turn, presents it as well.

My biggest problem with this stipulation is that I have not yet seen everything communicate. One may argue that it communicates, through us, who compose everything in a kind of cellular structure. I have yet to come upon a living organism, where the cells may detach from it, still alive on their own, and return to it at will.

My conclusion is that if Everything *is* alive, then at best, it is a poor mimic... an electronic mynah bird that accepts presented input, and replicates it.

POST-EDIT: Can something consume in its own way? For that matter, can it be considered consumption if everything doesn't seek to consume? We just feed it. Will we not reaffirm the borders around consumption as a concept before we can claim that it consumes? Could it not just be considered manipulation? Once we slowly dissolve the area bordering around the definition of something alive, very soon it doesn't become so special to be alive. And above all else, I want the very fact (the one to a million chance) that one sperm of millions connected with ONE egg, to create just *me* to be a brilliant experience in itself... again I claim though, that the communication (though admittedly, not coming out in the same state it went in at) is no different than a mimic, however bringing its own vocal tones to the table. Left on its own, Everything (and let us distinguish between something that we just NAME everything and a real everything) at would remain static, if not decay. No communication, no "consumption", nothing...