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Moloch's real name is Joakim Ziegler, a Norwegian self-taught techie/artist hybrid who would like to call himself a hacker, but doesn't think he deserves the title... yet.

He currently works as an Art Director at styx in Mexico City, where. he ended up as a result of complex circumstances involving FIX, IRC and The Want To Be Elsewhere.

Moloch is a socialist, stern believer in freedom of speech, ideas and software, refuses to serve in the armed forces, shaves his h.ead, plays and designs RPGs and MUDs, programs C, Java, Perl, and PHP, wants to learn LISP one day, likes emacs, wishes he could switch all the way to a Linux system, insists Free Software is a better term than Open Source, is on the. GNOME side of the great desktop schism, slightly dislikes ESR, admires RMS, and occasionally refers to himself as an Atheist Buddhist.