I guess you've got me, there.
Hey, watch it, I'm sitting down here…don't you dare step on me.
I watch for great justice, I do! Don't step on me…
And today is the day of the eggs! They spin on end, today, but only today…
Tops with possible life within, but just a child's play thing now.

Sing the story, Cherished One! Laugh and fall over tables,
Yes, laugh and drink…yes, and more tea for the masses.
I make my own paths, because this world has none.
I wondered, for a time, how it was to live in a shelter of straw-laden students and girls made of shadow.
But I seem to have been navigating the Amazon…am I on a tributary of the great river now? Tribute.

Grr, stop looking at me in that tone of voice!
I hate it when you scream with your eyes like that…
So odd are you that I cower in your sight when I have no real reason.
Cold shoulder, cold as brass…cold as the winter sun.

And then I twirl the egg, and watch it fall on its side…
Glass houses and skipping stones and to you I'm just a doll.
Crying doesn't hurt…but I break down and dry your cheeks
I'm glad it was too short…makes rafters miles away…
I condemn you to life with me.
Walk this way,
"But I don't want to go into details, please, don't make me…"
Do not step on me…allow me to touch your ankles, and don't you dare
Step on me…