The Everything2 Chess Metanode

Chess in general

History of chess

Terminology and rules

Chess organizations

Fun chess games

Also see the excellent Chess Variants metanode by Footprints. I'll try to avoid duplication.

Chess puzzles

Chess strategy and tactics


Protector of Mankind has done a remarkable job of noding chess openings. Please refer to his metanodes:

Endgames and Mates

Again, Protector of Mankind has summarized the endgames nicely, and Rah! to jt for his continuing contributions

Famous games

Famous chess players

Chess between friends

Chess stories


Chess and literature


Kudos to Protector of Mankind, jt, Dreamvirus, gitm, and Heitah for so many fine chess write-ups, and tes for great biographies. As usual, /msg me with additions, etc. Last updated 27 December 2008.