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The conquest of Titan, moon of Saturn.
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144,000 of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel.
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In the Beginning

Michael Nasser was born in Detroit, Michigan, 1955 but spent the early years of his childhood in his father's homeland, Lebanon in the Middle East. There, he began to see the root of the conflict which would eventually grow into the largest threat to civilization in our time.

Strategist and Statesman

Upon returning to America in 1967, Michael gravitated into the world of comic books and drew from them the inspiration to forge a path of leadership in his community. And so, during his senior high school year - and against overwhelming odds - he led an energetic election campaign against a highly favored candidate and was elected in an upset victory, Vice-President of his 700 member graduating senior class.

Leader and Commander

Michael's graduation was marked by yet another position of leadership as Lieutenant Colonel in the Detroit City ROTC program - Intelligence Officer, second in command of the entire 4,000 cadet Detroit City ROTC corps.

Super Hero Maker

Finishing his university program in 1975, Michael headed out to New York and joined the comic book industry as a budding artist of the superhero comic books, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and a host of many others. Rising to a prominent position in comics fandom, he began to see the vast potential of the strong voice the comic book community was cultivating in the fast paced world of pop culture and in the entertainment fields.

Eyes to the World

By the fall of 1977 Michael began exploring ways to inspire the comic book industry to rise to the occasion and begin to show the American people and the world how this medium, under the hands of the comic book creators, can change the course of history and begin to bring to end, the strife and the wars which are devouring it. The editorial of his next comic book project in the industry's first independent publication, Star*Reach #12, told of his newfound path, exploring ways to advance the bringing of a new age of peace to the world - and intending to venture into a measure of public speaking to this end.

In the Cradle of Civilization

Michael's journey took him back to the Middle East in search of the root of the conflict there. After two years in Lebanon, under the fires of the Israel-Lebanon war of 1982, he crossed the border into Israel, changed his name to Netzer, and settled down in a West Bank settlement, the root and heart of the conflict in the region. For the next twenty years, he studied and absorbed the sociopolitical undercurrents of the contending peoples and forces there, attaining a fluency in both Arabic and Hebrew - and forging acquaintances with a host of key figures and leaders in the Middle East.

Bringing the Peace

In 1987, Michael produced and published Israel's first superhero comic book, Uri-On, an event which spotlighted the fledgling but growing comic book community in Israel. Using the public stage given him as comic book creator, he called on his fellow Israeli colleagues, writers and artists, to help ferment a spirit of calming the tensions between the polarized ideologies and factions within Israel. Michael Netzer soon became a sought after speaker in Israel, the settlement communities and a host of Palestinian forums neighboring them.

Seeing the Signs

News of the tragic events on September 11, 2001, hit the Middle East with a vengeance. Realizing that time had become of the urgent essence, Michael published a web site in 2003, The New Comic Book of Life, calling on the comic book creators in America to begin organizing in order to put forth a new leadership for a changing world.

Founding the Revolution

As news of his message proliferated through the industry, Michael returned to the United States and was joined by his daughter Michelle, musician, artist, producer and activist from their home town, Detroit. Together, they've founded The Comic Book Creator's Party, aspiring to inspire a new leadership for Washington and gain the confidence and vote of the American people at the national elections for the Presidency of the United States in 2008.

With the Promise...

When elected, of forging a lasting and comprehensive peace between Israel, the Palestinian people and the Arab world by the year 2012 - and a strategy for bringing economic relief to the disenfranchised populaces of America and the world, The Comic Book Creator's Party calls on the citizens of America to raise their voice of discontent with its present leadership which has, inadvertently or otherwise, perpetuated the wars and multiplied the suffering that have all but overtaken our once hopeful stride towards a better tomorrow.

"Within the myriad of communications systems,
divided and scattered on the face of world cultures,
one small beleaguered industry remains ever faithful
to the message of goodwill, courage and hope.

An industry and an art form that continues
to ferment the strong and bright hope
of the greatest creative minds
for inspiring and for saving
our troubled world."

- Michael Netzer