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I'm Meffy Ellis, a.k.a. the Gentleman SkunkWench. I'm a furry -- to be precise, an anthropomorphic 5' 8"-tall American striped skunk. I'm quite friendly, enjoy conversing on all sorts of topics, and practically never spray. Under ordinary cir.cumstances I am entirely scent-free.

I write programs in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Perl, and now and then other languages too. I use both Windows 98 and Red Hat Software's Linux, both quite good operating systems. I'm an enthusiastic part.icipant in two distributed computing projects: the Bovine RC5-64 cracking effort and SETI@home. On Usenet, the patrons of Callahan's Place frequently tolerate my rantings; on IRC I am one of the founding colonists of Undernet's #outerbanks cha.nnel... and can occasionally be found elsewhere too if you know where to look. :-)