Alternative history novel by British writer Guy Walters, published in 2003.

'The Leader' in the novel is Oswald Mosley, whose blackshirts rule Great Britain in 1937 with an iron fist. He came to power as of Britain being plunged into a political crisis, when Edward VIII refused to abdicate the throne for his relationship with Wallis Simpson, and the British Conservative Party splitting between Stanley Baldwin and Winston Churchill factions. In the ensuing power vacuum, the British Union of Fascists are made against better judgement and hindsight a caretaker comprimise government, and from that point on all things go pear-shaped. Churchill is imprisoned on the Isle of Man, pogroms against the Jews commence, and to celebrate the coming coronation of Queen Wallis, London is cloaked with pennants of the BUF logo, a black and red flash symbol.

The main character is a former army officer and Conservative whip James Armstrong, who forms a loose alliance with communist and Jewish resistance movements to fight Oswald Mosley.