A basic rule of epidemiology was ignored in 28 Days Later. The speed that a disease travels through a community is inversely proportional to the time taken for host to be identified as a carrier. The disease is frightenly virulent - people struck by this virus would turn into blood-vomiting zombies within 30 seconds. Nonetheless, it should have been easily contained within Britain, where the outbreak took place.

Yet we are told that infections reached New York. I wonder then how a zombie managed to board a trans-Atlantic shuttle, sit still for eight hours reading High Life magazine and not infect the flight crew even non-zombies get air rage . And if the pilot became a zombie himself mid-flight, how then are we to expect that he was able to land a jumbo at JFK airport if zombies are too thick to grow crops ?

Infections reached Paris as well - perhaps more realistic if we presume the zombies walked along the Chunnel and the French border guards at the other end failed to keep them back. Given France's track record in failing to repel invaders this does seem credible. The Finns however are hardier stock and presumably survived the pandemic - the plane at the end was flown by a Finnish speaker.